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Divyanka Tripathi shares throwback pics as NCC cadet: ‘Flaunting uneven suntan, showing off muscles’

TV actor Divyanka Tripathi remembered her youthful days as an NCC cadet and shared photos from the time, charming followers on-line. She additionally remembered how they’d totally different norms for magnificence and achievements throughout her faculty time.

“Flaunting uneven suntan and showing off muscles…those were the norms of beauty and achievements for us #NCCcadets then! Waxing and shining shoes till your face reflected in them, earning and adorning medals, crisp marchpast and cautions (#WordsOfCommand) so loud that the entire colony could hear you, such were the activities I took pride in. Sleeping on thin mats, morning PT and #DrillPractice in scorching sun, holding together our tents in winds & rains, digging snake trenches around them, lining up to have basic food like watery sabzis, map-like rotis and weak evening teas and still relishing it all because we knew that survival was more important.”

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“Few would call them extremely uncomfortable conditions, few parents might not even let their children experience such adversities but I feel these conditions make one a stronger person mentally and physically. Once gone through all this- you are ready to face the world head-on! This phase wasn’t about me, it was about us as a platoon, wing or contingent. Cheers to the memories we made #MPContingent, #CarmelNCCunit, #NCCJuniorWing #NCCSeniorWing, #AnnualTrainingCamp, #CombinedAnnualTrainingCamp #PreRDC #RepublicDayCamp,” she added.

Divyanka is at the moment lacking her mother amid the lockdown within the wake of coronavirus pandemic. Sharing her quarantine routine, Divyanka recently told Hindustan Times, “We wake up aaram se, sleep in often but not my mother. She is always disciplined and wakes up on her usual time and completes her home chores, does her workout and has been doing for years without fail. Later, she manages work for her academy. Mum is constantly working and managing home and the new responsibilities at the academy but she never complains. She enjoys the process so nothing has changed for her at all in this lockdown. I learn a lot from her management skills, the way she balances things on the professional and personal front.”

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